The Effect of Voice Search on Online Marketing Strategy Summary

It’s predicted that 55% of teenagers are using voice search on a regular basis – a generation of consumers speaking to their phones. Whether you use voice search or not, marketers need to sit up and listen to recent noise and make a judgement call on their ongoing online marketing strategy. We urge you to think long term – the teenage generation will become major consumers in the not too distant future. Here’s how voice search will affect your online marketing strategy:

Content: Every one of your users’ needs a question answered and are looking for a product or service to solve their problems. In the information age the aim of the game is to educate and demonstrate your subject leadership to build trust that you or your product can do exactly what it says on the tin and solve all their woes.

TIP: Consider the questions your consumers ask in your content marketing strategy. Produce great quality content to answer these questions and provide value to your customers.

Semantic search: Google no longer looks at a short tail keyword phrase but the relevance and context of the whole site. These advances have moved us from former queries like “restaurants in Rochester,’ to more specific queries such as ‘where to eat Indian food in Rochester’ or ‘what is the best place to eat Indian food in Rochester.’

Expert TIP: Again focus on creating great content which holds relevance around your subject matter. Focus on the long tail – there’s no need to over optimise the page and include shameless repetition of your keyword.

Mobile Optimisation: It goes without saying that the majority of voice searches will come from those using mobile devices equipped with Siri or Cortana. If you still haven’t made the jump to a responsive website yet, maybe this will give you the push. It’s been common knowledge for some time that Google ranks mobile optimised sites more highly in search engines.

Expert TIP: Be sure to optimise your content for mobile first!

Local Search: Local SEO has very much changed. Doing a search for ‘plumbers in Kent’ hardly returns individual websites and results. You will generally see Yelp, check a trade and other review sites dominating the top of search results. As a consumer, we want to compare and contrast and shop around, don’t you?

Expert TIP: Ensure you are listed in Google my business, and build relationships with many local business to promote your local work to help you take advantage of local voice search.


  • Focus on relevance not keywords
  • Answer your users questions in your websites content
  • Make sure your mobile strategy is up to date
  • Get your local SEO strategy popping

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