5 Ways to Decrease Cart Abandonment

Over an estimated 65% of shopping carts are abandoned online. You can avoid this as there are some easy ways to increase website conversion rates and ensure less customers leave at this final stage.

Here are some quick ways to reduce cart abandonment rates:

  1. Simplify – One of the simplest ways to reduce cart abandonment is by simplifying the checkout form. Do you really need to know a customer’s fax number? Think about the fields that are crucial to you and only ask customers to fill them in, don’t ask for the others. Often when customers look at a checkout form they feel its such a daunting task and they decide not make the purchase.
  2. Guest Checkouts – Enable customers to guest checkout if possible. This will also increase conversions as they won’t have to worry about opening an account and filling in laborious forms.
  3. Payment Options and Refunds Policy – Always have various payments options, especially PayPal. Customers often don’t want to take out their card or even have it to hand.¬†Customers are also wondering if the product will suit their needs. Ensure you clearly outline your refunds policy at the cart stage, so they feel reassured that if the product isn’t right they can easily return it. Use terms such as ‘Fuss Free Returns’ to reassure and reduce cart abandonment rates.
  4. Avoid Distraction – At this stage it is important to focus on the end goal – completing the payment. Don’t distract the customer with deals, link sales and product recommendations as they will be easily distracted. If you run a ‘free delivery’ option do encourage the customer to increase the purchase value to meet requirements of free delivery.
  5. Inclusive Pricing – Always display an inclusive price, nobody likes to get to the checkout to realise tax wasn’t applied on the price displayed. Offer free shipping where possible to encourage purchasing behavior.

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