Improving Conversion from your Homepage

Here is a scenario.

Congratulations, you have fully optimised your website and it’s showing well in search. You are currently sitting on page one for your relevant search terms and are getting a lot of traffic to your site.

You have won the battle, but you are losing the war.

Your bounce rate is high and people are not sticking around on your site to explore. The contact form you placed discreetly at the bottom of the site has had a few enquiries but nothing of any value.

Over the course of this article we are going to outline 10 proven strategies for getting your visitors to take action. Whether that’s requesting a call back, filling out a form, handing over their email address or making a purchase.

1. Forms.

When using a form to gather information, be sure to ask for as little information as possible, and only the information relevant to the action. Users are a lot less likely to complete a form if it’s too long or asks questions they don’t feel relate to the action.

It’s also a good idea to keep as many fields optional as you can afford to. You can always ask for additional information at a later stage.

2. Clear, concise call to actions.

Make sure the call to actions you are using are clearly defined and stand out from the other content on the page. Think about the language you are using, try to implement tangible action verbs to spur your users to take action, ‘grab yours now’ or ‘reserve your seat’.

Use a button; they are more obvious and more clickable, particularly when viewed on mobile.

3. Use testimonials & reviews.

Testimonials reinforce user faith. To see that someone else has benefitted from taking action will aid your user’s decision. Utilising face avatars here has also been proven to help and it is commonly believed that these types of images result in the highest conversion rates.
A study by Zendesk showed that 88% of respondents said their actions were influenced by positive and negative reviews.

4. Clearly state the benefits.

Identify the benefits of your product or service and make sure you are conveying this to your user. Consider bullet points, numbered lists or even slides. You need to show exactly how your product will help solve their problem.

5. Headlines are the single most important element.

Really consider the headline. We cannot stress this enough. Brainstorm ideas and pick your strongest one.

6. Ensure conversion elements are above the fold.

Upon landing on your page the user should instantly be able to see what the next action is to take. Keeping opt-in forms and other conversion elements above the fold will give you the best chance of conversion.

7. Humanise your page.

Video is a great option to help show there is a real person behind your page. It’s clear users like something to relate to, so advertorials and testimonials are great factors to generate positive results.

8. Keep content concise.

Nobody likes a sales pitch, so keep your content clear and concise, highlighting the benefits of your product and service and how it could solve a user’s problem. Lose the jargon too, not everyone will understand savvy industry terms.

9. Test variations.

Testing is a great way to develop your site. See how users respond to different stimulus. Maybe a button stating ‘order now’ will produce more positive results than ‘buy now’. Test, refine, test, refine.

10. Remove distractions.

Create a clear route and remove any thing that may distract the user from converting. If you have a clear goal of what you want to achieve on page then steady your aim and remove unnecessary content.

Utilise directional cues you help navigate your users to the most important content on your page. Keep it classy though, garish flashing arrows are not going to do the trick.

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