How to define your SEO Content Needs

It is easy to waste your time creating content that is not useful to your business. You must focus your efforts by talking to your customers, evaluating existing content and analysing search results.

Figuring out the content that you actually need can be the most difficult part – so, how do we do this?

Talk to your Customers

By assessing your customers’ needs it helps you to understand the customer journey and their decision making process. There are a number of ways you can go about talking to your customers.

Customer Surveys

Online surveys can be a good way of not only getting important feedback but also making your customers feel valued. There are many survey tools out there on offer – one that I would personally recommend is Survey Monkey which is an email-based tool and is extremely easy to use.

Email Marketing

Abandonment emails – these can be used to ask customers why they left before making a purchase. This can help you to decide what needs to be changed on the website to encourage people to make a purchase.

Live Chat

This can help hugely with content creation, by finding out any missing information on the site, website problems, pin-pointing misleading content and frequently asked questions.

You can also discover any content that people are struggling to find on the site and whether the website is missing any key information that your customers need to make a decision.

User Testing

There are a number of tools out there that can help with UX. By watching customers interact with your site you can get immediate feedback on what may be missing from the site.

  1. Evaluating Existing ContentLooking at the content that is helping/not helping your customers to make a conversion can be extremely helpful in knowing what content is needed, or not, on the site.Setting up conversion funnels in analytics can help with this. We can see how visitors are moving through a site and where they are dropping off in the conversion funnel. This enables you to deal with any pages where a number of people are dropping off and know what type of pages are helping to complete the conversion.

    Looking at pages with high bounce rates also allows you to analyse if the page is missing certain information, targeting the wrong keyword or driving irrelevant traffic from a specific source.

  1. Analysing Search ResultsSearching for your potential titles, keyword phrases and content topics can give you an understanding of what is already out there, what is being asked and the search intent for your target keyword.Looking at the type of content that is already available within the specific keyword area can also help you.

In Summary…

Creating a successful content strategy takes time and a good understanding of what your users want from your website.

Following the above steps can help you fill in the content gaps  and review content that is performing badly.


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